Relief fund for demolition workers
The main sources of occupational injuries in Russia are: falling from heights (every third accident), exposure to moving and rotating machinery (every fifth accident), and falling and collapsing objects and structures (every eighth accident). These types of threats to human life and health are directly related to demolition operations.

Unfortunately, despite the downward trend in occupational injuries in the construction industry, the demolition industry cannot boast similar figures. And the injured often do not receive the assistance they need to restore their health.

The National Union of Demolition and Ecological Companies has established a Relief fund for demolition workers to support those who was affected by demolition operations.

Financial assistance may be claimed by victims themselves as well as by the members of their families (in the event of death during demolition operations). The amount of compensation is determined on the basis of the severity of the damage caused to the worker and the documents provided by the injured party.

Funding applications should be sent to:
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